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One day clinics – choose Saturday or Sunday.

$150 per person.

WHO: Megan (M.A., LPC, USDF Bronze medalist, Pewter Lifetime Achievement Award) has been a lifelong student of horsemanship & classical training principles in developing the horse in hand & under saddle as well as focusing on a balanced seat approach for rider that is biomechanically sound for horse & rider. Megan weaves both her clinical skills & techniques into her coaching style to draw out positive personal growth of both horses & riders.
Megan’s system of “embodiment” training & teaching culminates from years of developed & honed natural & classical horsemanship approaches in hand, on the line, & under saddle to create a mentally and physically flexible partnership of both horse and rider. This provides the basis that creates versatility allowing one to participate in a variety of disciplines. Megan combines her years of horse knowledge with her skill set as a Licensed Professional Counselor to create connection & better understanding of oneself & others as a basis for positive & progressive growth.
WHAT: This Clinic will provide an emphasis on understanding basic horse & human biomechanics & learning biomechanically sound techniques and gymnastics to further develop horse and rider. Focus will be on navigating the Working Equitation Dressage and Obstacle phases while applying the learned methods and techniques, but these methods and techniques are certainly not limited to Working Equitation and can be applicable in a variety of daily training settings.
WHY: to optimize you AND your horses potential whether you are a beginner rider or Grand Prix/Masters level rider. It’s all about the journey of best to better in every moment and every movement.
HOW: Learn training tools & exercises for both horse & rider on the ground and under saddle that help develop mental, emotional & physical balance & flexibility leading to a horse & rider team that feels empowered within themselves and with each other.
Please contact Char Cornett to register: scotnchar@hotmail.com or 970-759-6055
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